Changeable Lizard, Cicak Kobing

0012_PRP_Changeable LizardChangeable Lizard

Scientific Name: Calotes versicolor

Malay Name: Cicak Kobeng (Kubing)

The most common lizard in Singapore that dipped the native green-crested lizard numbers after it was introduced to Singapore’s wildlife landscape in the 80s, the Changeable lizard is capable of changing colors depending on its mood, finding a mate or threatened. During breeding season, males develop an orange head with a black botch over the cheeks, like the top pic here. They display these towards females and rivals with head bobs and doing push-ups. Do you even lift, bro? XD

They are also called oriental garden lizard or eastern garden lizard. The Malay name for this varies but they are more known as Cicak Kobeng (Kubing in Indonesia). They are sometimes confusingly called Sesumpah (chameleon), due to their ability to change colors. However, they are NOT chameleons.


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